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Copilot (Subscription)

Copilot (Subscription)

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We roast all coffee to order. Orders placed by Monday at Noon will be shipped on Wednesday. Wednesday at Noon will be shipped on Friday. Orders placed later will be fulfilled the following week.

Copilot. Someone who assists and helps you in your journey. The perfect name for our new flagship coffee.

We have formulated Copilot to help you brew a fantastic cup of coffee. Something to bring back and the entire family can enjoy!

This coffee features a round chocolate-type body with a rich, nutty aftertaste and subtle brightness that reminds us of a freshly picked apple.

Trust your Copilot. They’ve got your back.

ORIGIN // Mapache Estate, Finca Naranjito, El Salvador & Alco Bolivar, Colombia

IMPORTER // Balzac Brothers, Inc. & Cereza Coffee

ALTITUDE // 1,400-1,600 MASL

VARIETALS // Bourbon, Pacas, Colombia, Castillo


TASTE NOTES // Chocolate, Nutty, Apple

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