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Ethiopia & El Salvador
Reko – 
Kochere, Ethiopia
Process: Washed Yirgacheffe
Variety: Mixed Varieties
Elevation: 1850-2100masl

La Florida – Aida Batlle Selection, El Salvador
Process: Burundi Washed Process
Varieties: Mixed Varieties
Elevation: 1500masl

Taste Notes: white grape, red apple, shortbread cookie 
Size: 225g

Our first non-SOE Daredevil, this rendition sees us pairing the delectable Reko with an Aida Batlle Selection from La Florida, El Salvador. For this coffee, she’s worked with third generation coffee farmer, Arturo Meza Hill, to treat this mostly-Bourbon coffee to a Burundi-style washed process. This process begins with a 12-hour anaerobic (or dry) fermentation followed by a 12-24 hour full washing with clean mountain water. The dry fermentation adds sweetness by maturing the sugars on the parchment, while the introduction of water in the washing stage stops the fermentation.

Our consistent challenge with the Daredevil is to produce a coffee that is dynamic and unusual, and this pairing brings both of those out in a very different way than our past Daredevils. This will pull excellently as an espresso, with delightful malic acidity to sit against the shortbread cookie sweetness. This is a coffee with a lot of flexibility when pulled as an espresso.


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