We seek the betterment of coffee with an emphasis on ethical sourcing and sweetness in roasting. Our brewing philosophy focuses on framing both of these qualities not only in a beautiful cup, but in a space where commerce and art intersect.


For those of you wanting to taste your way through the Barista Parlor coffee menu, our subscriptions are definitely the way to go. Our subscription packages are limited in quantity and great for an exclusive look into the complexity of our coffee offerings.


Shop a variety of Barista Parlor teas that we have carefully curated. No matter your flavor preferences, we’ve got a tea you’ll love.


Barista Parlor also offers unique glassware, art, and apparel. This includes tumblers, canisters, branded merchandise, espresso glasses and saucers.

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Brew Our Delicious Coffee at Home

Bring Barista Parlor home and brew our coffee at your leisure with our select and highly curated collection of brewing equipment, drippers, and filters.

Learn how to make that same great cup of coffee at home.

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