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Trail Mix

Trail Mix

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We roast all coffee to order. Orders placed by Monday at Noon will be shipped on Wednesday. Wednesday at Noon will be shipped on Friday. Orders placed later will be fulfilled the following week.

ORIGIN // Aponte Community Lot (Narino, Colombia), Quindio (Colombia)

IMPORTER // Ally / Cofinet

ALTITUDE // 1,450-2,150 meters 

VARIETIES // Caturra, Castillo

PROCESSING METHOD // Honey + Honey Anaerobic Ferment with Green Apple and Wine Yeast

TASTE NOTES // Roasted Nuts, Cocoa, Green Apple

As summer unfolds and Tennessean trails beckon, many of us reach for the familiar comfort of trail mix.  Inspired by this classic combination of chocolate, nuts, and strawberries, we've crafted a unique coffee blend that captures those well-loved flavors in a cup.

The foundation of Trail Mix Coffee is a remarkable honey-processed Caturra from the Aponte Village in Colombia's Nariño region.  This coffee originates from an indigenous farmer cooperative dedicated to collective improvement.  They oversee the entire process, from cherry to green bean, ensuring exceptional quality.

For an exciting twist, we've reintroduced a second coffee based on popular demand.  Sourced from Jairo Arcila's Finca Santa Monica farm in Colombia, this lot reflects Jairo's reputation as an experimenter.  He's honed a unique anaerobic honey fermentation process using the Castillo varietal.

Jairo's innovative approach doesn't stop there.  He incorporates green apples and wine yeast during fermentation, and further enhances the green apple notes during drying.  The result?  A coffee that truly delivers a taste of green apple.

Trail Mix Coffee offers a smooth, flavorful, and energizing experience – the perfect companion for your next adventure.  Grab a bag and embark on a delicious journey!

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