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Mexico Finca San Jose

Mexico Finca San Jose

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PRODUCER // Alejandro Martinez

// Veracruz, Mexico

IMPORTER // Cafe Imports 


VARIETIES // Obata (Sarchimor)


TASTE NOTES // Toffee, Dried Apple, Chocolate

 Barista Parlor is thrilled to introduce a remarkable microlot from Finca San Jose, situated in the verdant Veracruz region of Mexico. This 250-hectare farm, meticulously managed by Alejandro Martinez, cultivates a diverse array of coffee varietals, including Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Typica, and Mundo Novo. Through meticulous cupping and selection, we were captivated by the unique character of the Obata variety, chosen for its exceptional potential.

Finca San Jose adheres to meticulous processing methods. Following hand-picking, coffee cherries undergo an 18-hour cherry fermentation, maximizing flavor development. They are then pulped, washed, and finally dried for up to 32 days on a traditional "casa elba" drying structure, ensuring consistent quality and sun-kissed sweetness. This dedication to detail is evident in the final cup.

Our brewing experiences reveal a profile brimming with approachable sweetness. Notes of buttery toffee and sun-dried apple intertwine with a smooth, lingering chocolate finish, creating a balanced and memorable cup. Additionally, the exceptional character of the Obata translates beautifully to espresso, offering a balanced yet complex shot.

Finca San Jose's Obata microlot represents a testament to the burgeoning quality and unique terroir of Mexican specialty coffee. We invite you to explore its captivating complexity and savor the passion poured into each cup.


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