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Kenya Ngariama

Kenya Ngariama

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PRODUCER // New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society (1800 members)

// Kirinyaga, Kenya

IMPORTER // Cafe Imports 


VARIETIES // Batian, SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11

PROCESSING METHOD // Kenya Style Washed

TASTE NOTES // Papaya, Caramel, Peach

Imagine the challenge: crafting a consistently exceptional coffee when over 1,800 smallholder farmers contribute cherries to a single washing station. This intricate puzzle is one Kenya's coffee professionals have mastered, and Ngariama stands as a testament to their meticulous skill.

Named after the Kirinyaga-based Farmer's Cooperative Society, Ngariama is more than just a coffee. It's a story of collective effort, where farmers find not just a reliable market, but also access to vital financial aid for production costs, education, and unforeseen needs.

The journey begins with cherry delivery to the Kainamui processing station. Here, freshness reigns supreme: cherries are pulped within hours, embarking on a 24-48 hour open-air fermentation dance. The Kenya double wash strips away the pulp, followed by a 12-72 hour underwater soak, coaxing out the beans' hidden potential. Finally, they bask under the African sun for 7-14 days on raised drying beds, their flavors concentrating with each passing moment.

This meticulous processing, combined with the unique blend of SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian varietals, is the magic behind Ngariama's profile. On the palate, a luscious palate of papaya and peach unfolds, followed by a rich caramel embrace that lingers alongside a subtle, playful acidity. We recommend experiencing this masterpiece through a pour-over brew, though adventurous souls can push it as a uniquely acidic espresso shot.

Ngariama isn't just coffee; it's a community in every cup. A community striving for quality, supporting each other, and sharing their passion with the world. So, savor each sip, knowing you're not just enjoying a delicious beverage, but also contributing to a story of empowerment and shared success.

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