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  • Jurutungo
  • Jurutungo
  • Jurutungo
  • Jurutungo

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Origin: Graciano Cruz – Boquete, Panama
Taste Notes: toffee, wineberry, milk chocolate
Process: White Honey Process
Variety: Catuaí
Elevation: 1980masl
Size: 225g

Jurutungo comes from legendary producer, Graciano Cruz. Cruz was the first certified organic coffee farmer in Panama, and was one of the first producers to develop the honey process, which involves stripping the fruit from the coffee cherry and, instead of immediately putting the coffee through wet fermentation to loosen up the remaining mucilage, the coffee is set out to sun dry with that remnant of the cherry and fruit still attached. This sun-drying process sweetens up the coffee while not pushing it into the full-on fermented territory of a natural process coffee. White honey is the quickest of the honey processes, adding just a touch more sweetness than a typical washed process. The subtlety treats this pleasant coffee very well, enhancing the citric notes with a silky smoothness that pulls the whole cup together.

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