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Ethiopia Mulish W.S.

Ethiopia Mulish W.S.

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We roast all coffee to order. Orders placed by Monday at Noon will be shipped on Wednesday. Wednesday at Noon will be shipped on Friday. Orders placed later will be fulfilled the following week.

PRODUCER // 880 Small Farm Holders, Mulish W.S.

// Guji, Ethiopia

IMPORTER // Trabocca

ALTITUDE // 1,800-1,950 MASL

VARIETIES // Ethiopia Heirloom


TASTE NOTES // Orange, Chocolate, Cherry

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest Ethiopian coffees, showcasing the diverse flavor profiles this esteemed origin has to offer.

The first of these exceptional lots hails from the Mulish washing station, named after the smallholder community it serves. Established in 2014 by Faysel Abdosh and Testi Coffee, the coffees from this region have garnered such distinct character and quality that the Guji zone, previously encompassed within Sidamo, is now recognized as a unique growing area.

Mulish serves as a collection point for over 880 smallholder farmers, where meticulous processing techniques are employed under the direction of Mr. Abdosh and his team. Coffees are carefully sorted before meticulous drying on expansive raised drying beds exceeding 400 in number. Testi Coffee further oversees the dry milling and export of these exceptional beans.

Ethiopian natural coffees are prized for their vibrant mouthfeel and complex character. They often challenge preconceived notions of coffee flavor profiles. This particular lot presents a delightful interplay of citrus and berry acidity, with notes of ripe orange and a lingering sweetness reminiscent of cherries. The cup is further enriched by a hint of cocoa or chocolate, adding depth and body.

This versatile coffee excels across various brewing methods. We recommend a starting ratio of 15:1 water to coffee for pour-over or immersion brewing, allowing you to adjust to your preference.

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