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Colombia Panela Sticky

Colombia Panela Sticky

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PRODUCER // Jose Giraldo

// Huila, Colombia

IMPORTER // Yellow Rooster


VARIETIES // Pink Bourbon


TASTE NOTES // Tropical Fruit, Mango, Bruleed Sugar

The Panela Sticky coffee from Café 1959 in Colombia is processed using a triple fermentation method, which takes a total of 44 days from cherry picking to dry milling.

The process begins with hand-picking of ripe coffee cherries at the El Diamante farm in the Huila department of Colombia. The cherries are then transported 13 hours to the Café 1959 mill in the Quindio department in airtight sacks to prevent over-fermentation.

At the mill, the cherries are pulped to remove the outer fruit layer, and then soaked for 24 hours in an anaerobic tank. This process allows certain microbes to break down the fruit sugars and create flavor compounds.

After the first soak, the cherries are washed and then soaked for another 24 hours. Finally, the beans are dried for 40 days under slow drying racks. This process helps to remove the remaining moisture from the beans and stabilize their flavor.

The triple fermentation method used to process Panela Sticky coffee results in a unique flavor profile that is characterized by its sweetness, acidity, and complexity. The sweetness is reminiscent of panela sugar, while the acidity has notes of stone fruit, tropical fruit, and floral tea.

The long processing time and careful attention to detail that go into making Panela Sticky coffee are what make it a truly special product. This coffee is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the farmers and producers who are committed to creating the highest quality coffee possible.

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