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Colombia Linarco

Colombia Linarco

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PRODUCER // Linarco Rodriguez

// Huila, Colombia

IMPORTER // 575 Coffees / La Reb 


VARIETIES // Pink Bourbon


TASTE NOTES // Cantaloupe, Cocoa, Gin Mojito

Our newest coffee from Huila, Colombia is a standout.

We've released several coffees from Colombia this year, but this one is the most unique of the bunch. From the first sip, we were blown away by its unique flavor profile. Notes of jasmine, cantaloupe, spearmint, gin, cocoa, and honey all come to mind.

The secret to this coffee's deliciousness is a combination of factors. First, the beans are from the Pink Bourbon variety, which is a natural mutation of bourbon that has a stronger resistance to disease and yields a more desirable cup quality.

Second, the coffee was processed using the honey method, which involves removing the outer layer of the coffee fruit skin, revealing a sticky layer of fruit pectin. This slow drying process gives the coffee a more delicate flavor and improves its shelf life.

We recommend brewing this coffee using the pour over method with a 15:1 water to coffee ratio. This will help to bring out the coffee's delicate flavors.

We're confident that you'll love this coffee as much as we do.

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