Daredevil & Strawberry



  • Chocolate: Dark 58%
  • Origin: Blend of West African cacao beans
  • Weight: 38g (1.35oz)
  • Allergens: Soy, milk
  • Dietary preferences: Gluten-free
  • Features: Barista Parlor Daredevil coffee
  • Description: Dark chocolate stone-ground with strawberry powder and Daredevil coffee, popping candies inside, and topped with a freeze dried strawberry

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Looking for a fun treat? Our Daredevil & Strawberry chocolate bar is reminiscent of childhood candies, but with a twist. Dark chocolate combined with hints of our signature Daredevil Coffee, strawberry powder for a sweet and fruity flavor, and finally popping candies. This chocolate truly is an entertaining and delicious treat! Made in collaboration with Nashville’s own Poppy & Peep.

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Weight .085 lbs


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