The Gino is our only flat-bottom brew method on the bar. Flat bottom drippers like Gino bring out body more readily, helping you to produce a “stronger” cup of coffee and avoiding the bitterness that over-extraction highlights.

To brew using a Gino:

  1. Pour 30-50g water slowly onto the grounds, then start the timer.
  2. At 0:30, begin pouring, washing to the edge of the bed to saturate the outlying grounds, pouring in a continuous spiral pattern throughout the brewing method.
  3. At 1:00, aim to be at 100g.
  4. At 1:20, aim to be at 200g.
  5. At 1:40, aim to be at 300g.
  6. At 2:00, finish pouring.

The slurry should draw down between 3:15 and 3:45.